Inline Wrapping Solution for a Steel Can & Drum Manufacturer

Inline Wrapping Solution for a Steel Can & Drum Manufacturer


Steel Can & Drum Manufacturer

Packaging solutions provided:

Inline Wrapping Machine

Date of installation:

June 2023

Inline Wrapping Solution for a Steel Can & Drum Manufacturer

FROMM recently partnered with a leading Steel Can & Drum Manufacturer to improve one of their production lines.

Upgrading & Automating an Existing Wrapping Line

Our customer is a long established manufacturer of steel cans, drums and pails.

There are multiple lines within the factory and a decision was made to upgrade an important drum line. The considerations included the removal of as much manual handling as possible and reduced energy costs. Additionally as a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) the requirement to reduce as much one way plastic as practical without compromising pallet integrity was also on the agenda.

FROMM was selected as we were able to provide a turnkey solution including conveyors, safety equipment, and a FROMM stretch wrapping machine with inbuilt top sheet for a waterproof pallet.

FROMM demonstrated a significant improvement in the current process.  Previously the product was placed in a shrink oven, so the transition to the FROMM stretch wrapping solution provided incredible energy savings and equally impressive plastic savings.  The reduction in one way plastic equates to approximately 60% material, assisting with meeting APCO obligations and environmental charters.

The FROMM inline pallet wrapping system provides fast output and low operational costs saving considerable energy utilisation.

The customer is happy with the outcome and looking for more FROMM solutions within the business.


Image above: Frances Lee, Operations Manager meeting with FROMM's Wes Croft at signoff, less than one week after the start of the installation in June 2023

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