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Inline Pallet Wrapping Machine for Distribution Warehouse

Inline Pallet Wrapping Machine for Distribution Warehouse
Client: Distributor of personal care products
Industry: Distribution
Packaging solutions provided: WCRT200 Pallet Wrapping Line
Date of installation: October 2018

Customer Requirement

Our customer is a global player in personal care products with Australian manufacturing and strategically placed distribution centres.

The fast pace of distribution has given rise to substantial warehouses and as incoming goods need to be secure. Pallet stretch film is an ongoing requirement of goods outwards.

With more than 60 pallets per hour needing to be wrapped during peak, and the application of the film critical as to not damage the customers goods, they searched high and far for the best equipment for their application.

Fromm Packaging Solution

Using the Wulftec WCRT 200 fully automatic stretch wrapping machine, with FROMM supplied conveyors and safety systems, the customer found the ideal outcome.

Stretch wrapping at up to 30 RPM and stretching the film at around 200% of its original specification we were able to contain the load without damaging vulnerable corners. Using an oversize stretch are at 750mm, the ultimate number of rotations to secure the load was optimised to the minimal amount.

A cut and clamp ensured there were no film tail dags to meet the future market requirements.

FROMM installation team mechanically built the pallet wrapping system in 3 days with hand over occurring within 48 hours of applying power to the project.

With FROMM’s two year hassle free warranty the customer is off and running securing their products during the busy lead in to Christmas.


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