FROMM Robot Wrapper for Oversized Pallets

FROMM Robot Wrapper for Oversized Pallets


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Industrial Printing

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Robot Wrapper

Date of installation:

March 2019

FROMM Robot Wrapper for Oversized Pallets

Our customer is Australia’s leading product branding and packaging printer in Victoria. They were looking for a solution to wrap oversized pallets, as their current hand wrapping technique was labour intensive, unreliable and presented risks to staff and customers.

FROMM Packaging Solution

After discussing the working environment with FROMM an innovative yet practical stretch wrapping solution was suggested.

FROMM Packaging suggested a Robot Wrapping Machine. A Robot Wrapper is a perfect solution for stretch wrapping palletised loads of any shape, weight and dimension with the same wrapping capabilities as traditional turntables. Warehouse staff wheel the robot wrapper anywhere in the warehouse to wrap any sized pallet.

With the addition of the robot wrapper, our client was able to wrap pallets as they came off the printing lines, speeding up the dispatch areas. The “slow start” feature allowed time for the protective cardboard corners to be applied to ensure the products were safe during storage and transport.

Overall the FROMM Robot Wrapper increased production throughput, decreased overall cost per pallet wrapped, reduced the amount of product damage in transit and finally it has increased packaging staff morale.

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