Environmentally Friendly Orbital Wrapping Machine Solution

Environmentally Friendly Orbital Wrapping Machine Solution


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Orbital Wrapping Machine

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November 2019

Environmentally Friendly Orbital Wrapping Machine Solution

FROMM Australia recently partnered with an Australian owned and operated custom whiteboard manufacturer who wanted to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solution for all their products. Every time the customer would send a whiteboard to a customer it would include a cardboard box, corrugated cardboard sheets and bubble wrap. Most of their clients where Government Departments located in High Rise Buildings who didn’t have easy access to bulk garbage and recycling. Our customer approached FROMM to create a packaging solution that would be cost-effective, easy for the customer to remove and recycle, protect the whiteboards effectively during transport and is environmentally friendly.

Orbital Wrapping Machine Solution

After a full review of the products and packaging needs, FROMM recommended a Semi-Automatic FV300-160 Orbital Wrapping Machine. It's perfect for wrapping long products (min. 600mm) through its 1600mm diameter ring. The Orbital Wrapper features 50 RPM wrapping speed, double reel film dispensers, adjustable speed, manual start by a foot pedal, plug and play technology and the FROMM Two Year Warranty.

This new orbital stretch wrap machine has eliminated the complex and expensive hand wrapping process and associated WH&S issues. The product is now only wrapped in one packaging product which is a plastic film. The plastic film is lightweight, easy to remove and is 100% recyclable.

Overall the customer is in a win-win situation!

  1. They have saved money on packaging required to protect their products during transit.
  2. Reduced their freight costs
  3. 100% recyclable environmentally friendly packaging solution 
  4. Easier packaging solution for all their customers and couriers to handle 

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