Automatic Wrapping & Strapping Solution for Spare Parts Distributor

Automatic Wrapping & Strapping Solution for Spare Parts Distributor


Spare Parts Distributor

Packaging solutions provided:

Automatic Wrapping & Strapping Inline Machine

Date of installation:

August 2020

Automatic Wrapping & Strapping Solution for Spare Parts Distributor

FROMM was invited to review the packaging processes of a large multinational spare parts producer. With the rise of COVID19, many of the processes represented a risk to the employer and employees with the government social distancing protocols. Currently, staff are working in confined spaces with heavy and oversized packages. Two staff members are usually working side by side in the packaging area to firstly close the box lid, secondly lift the box onto a pallet and over time multiple boxes were placed to create the final pallet which was then secured with strapping and stretch wrapping applied by hand. This process presented a range of WH&S issues and violated social distancing regulations.

Automatic Wrapping & Strapping Machine Solution 


FROMM worked with the customer to engineer an Automatic Inline Wrapping & Strapping Machine. As the below video demonstrates a small automatic strapping machine is used to close the box lids, a pallet dispenser is used to push a pallet out. A robot then picks up the boxes and places them in a column stacking pattern to build the pallet. From there the formed pallet is passed through the automatic strapping machine and automatic wrapping machine to secure the valuable cargo.

The whole process is managed by one person using a forklift to remove pallets, add empty pallets to the dispenser and generally control the replenishment of various consumables.

Overall the FROMM Automatic Wrapping and Strapping Machine have provided a massive operational improvement addressing multiple customer drivers such as social distancing, WH&S issues, product and load integrity, sustainable packaging with less use of plastic packaging and finally a reduced risk of transport damage. 

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