Automatic Inline Wrapping System for Paint Manufacturer

Automatic Inline Wrapping System for Paint Manufacturer


Paint manufacturer


Paint industry

Packaging solutions provided:

Inline stretch wrapping system

Date of installation:

December 2015

A small turn key wrapping system to secure tins and drums of paint properly to maintain product presentation in the market and negate returns due to damage.

Automatic Inline Wrapping System for Paint Manufacturer

Our customer, a leading manufacturer of paint, had two process lines feeding out onto a single pick up point where the tins or drums of paint were removed by forklift and taken to a wrapping area prior to transport. Due to its location pallets of paint had already shifted prior to being wrapped and the customer was experiencing claims and excess returns.

FROMM Packaging Solution


FROMM designed a conveyor system exiting from the two process lines taking pallets to an automated stretch wrapping machine. The wrapping machine featured a top platen to ensure stability of the loads and make sure each pallet was wrapped and secured properly.

The project featured conveyors, safety system, an integrated wrapping machine with top platen and a film weld system so the stretch wrap could not come undone during transport.

Our new small turnkey project has improved product presentation, reduced transit damage and associated returns from the field. A project such as this could be installed within 5 days at a cost of under $300,000.

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