Automatic Inline Wrapping System for Australian Hay Exporter

Automatic Inline Wrapping System for Australian Hay Exporter


Hay exporter


Hay industry

Packaging solutions provided:

Turnkey Automated Wrapping System

Date of installation:

September 2016

Automatic Inline Wrapping System for Australian Hay Exporter

Our customer is a family owned and operated hay farming business located in Western Australia. They produce 30,000 tons of hay per year and export it throughout the Asian markets. They required an automatic inline wrapping solution for non-palletised hay that could withstand export shipping environments.

FROMM Packaging Solution

FROMM Packaging Australia installed an automatic stretch wrapping system.

Multiple heavy duty four chain conveyor sections are used to transport the packs from the bale unitiser to the wrapping machine at which point the pack is lifted before wrapping. The 100mm lifting stroke allows the product to be under wrapped to secure the load which is  not on a pallet. The 750mm film carriage, with a 250% pre stretch film capability allows for fewer rotations than standard, meaning a higher processing speed and better film coverage around the product. FROMM Packaging Australia installed a full safety system with light curtains and fencing to ensure the machine operates in a safe environment

This installation was designed by the FROMM Packaging Australia team. The designs were then sent to FROMM’s global manufacturing centre where the machine was built and tested to meet FROMM’s strict quality assurance standards. Once shipped to Australia, the installation process was completed & working within one week.

A project such as this can be installed and commissioned for under $250,000. The benefits of this new packaging line to our customer were the dramatic reduction in personnel required for the wrapping process, higher product throughput, controlled packaging costs, increased product appearance and improved OH&S conditions.

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