Automatic Inline Orbital Wrapping System for Metal Fabricator

Automatic Inline Orbital Wrapping System for Metal Fabricator


Steel and aluminium extrusion manufacturer


Metal fabrication

Packaging solutions provided:

FV350 Horizontal Wrapping Machine

Date of installation:

April 2016

FROMM Australia recently installed an orbital wrapping machine with twin wrapping heads. Our client needed a wrapping machine and reliable packaging film that could wrap products quickly, protect the products during transit and ultimately reduce the number of packaged goods available inventory.

Automatic Inline Orbital Wrapping System for Metal Fabricator

Our client manufactures steel and aluminum extrusions. They needed a stretch wrapping system to protect their products from dust and water damage after they were delivered interstate.  While the throughput was not a major priority, a quick wrapping time was important as in many cases product was being wrapped for dispatch into a waiting truck.

FROMM Packaging Solution

FROMM Packaging Australia designed, manufactured and installed an automatic twin head horizontal wrapping machine (FROMM’s FV350) complete with conveyors and safety systems.

A twin head design was recommended as this significantly speeds up the processing time improving efficiency and reducing delivery trucks waiting time.

The entire machine was built at FROMM’s Global manufacturing plant under strict quality assurance standard ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Once shipped to Australia, the installation was completed and operational within four weeks.

This new orbital wrapping machine was commissioned for under $80,000. Overall it met the client’s needs by reducing the amount transport damage and subsequent product returns, the increased speed of the orbital wrapping machine allowed the customer to decrease their amount of packaged product inventory and convert to a pack on demand business.

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