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Automated Wrapping System for Beverage Distribution Warehouse

Automated Wrapping System for Beverage Distribution Warehouse
Client: Beverage Distribution Warehouse
Industry: Warehouse Industry
Packaging solutions provided: Automated Wrapping System
Date of installation: March 2017

FROMM Packaging designed and installed a new Automated Wrapping System to allow double handling of goods by a single operator.

Customer Requirement

During the scope of works it was clear that due to internal processes, the most productive method to secure large volumes of palletized goods was through the specially designed forklifts, moving two pallets at the same time.

The stretch wrapping station needed to accommodate the ability to load, wrap and retrieve two pallets at the same time. The stretch film needed to be applied automatically and wrap to pre agreed patterns.

FROMM Packaging Solution

FROMM Packaging engineered an automated wrapping system allowing two pallets to be loaded side by side, separated through the conveyor and be processed using preset wrapping system recipes agreed by the customer.

As the pallets are processed, on the exit side the forklift driver can remove two pallets simultaneously, or a single pallet should it be needed.

To meet the customer throughput needs, two wrapping heads were placed on the same rotating arm. This allowed for effectively double the production speed.

By having two carriages on the same arm, film roll changes were also easy to achieve as the operator changes both at the same time and they are on the same side of the conveyor, eliminating any need to walk over or across the conveyors.

This installation was an Australian first in the Distribution and Logistics market with two wrapping heads operating at the same time securing a pallet efficiently with very high throughput.

Downtime caused by roll changes can be done conveniently and quickly with minimal operator interaction reducing potential risks.

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