Automated Wrapping System for 3PL Warehouse

Automated Wrapping System for 3PL Warehouse


3PL Warehouse


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Wrapping System

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February 2017

FROMM Packaging designed and installed a new stretch wrapping station to maximize pallet movements within a new 3PL warehouse

Automated Wrapping System for 3PL Warehouse

FROMM Packaging installed a stretch wrapping station for a new 3PL warehouse.  During the scope of works our technicians worked closely with the customer to determine their needs to ensure the machine was built to meet their requirements. The stretch wrapping station needed to accommodate a wide range of pallet heights and styles such as fragile loads, mixed loads and tall loads. The requirement was for the forklift staff to be able to bring the load to the stretch wrapping station and then leave and perform other tasks whilst the load was secured. The stretch film needed to be applied automatically and wrap to pre agreed patterns.

FROMM Packaging Solution

To achieve this we installed a rotating arm wrapping machine fixed to the concrete floor. A yellow square was painted onto the floor as the wrapping zone so the drivers could place the load accordingly. Once located the driver initiated the process by pressing a mushroom start put-on located on a pedestal that was adjacent to the station.

Once activated a secure safety zone was created using the FROMM fences and light curtains. The wrapping machine wrapped the pallet to an agreed recipe stored in the wrapper memory.

During busy periods the customer is able to have multiple forklifts in use and the process of load containment is less than 1 minute. With professional forklift drivers on site the delay between wrapping cycles has been as little as 20 seconds meaning more than 40 pallets per hour can be wrapped.

During slower times the wrapped pallet is left in the stretch wrapping station whilst the drivers perform other more urgent tasks, and they return for the pick up as it suits their work flow.

This installation was the second of its type for logistical distribution facilities and will become that standard where fast processes and throughput require greater uptime of the forklift drivers. The category 3 safety zone minimizes any risk of injury of employee interaction during the wrapping process. 

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