Automated Strapping Machine with Magazine Bearer System

Automated Strapping Machine with Magazine Bearer System

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Timber & Board Industry

Automated Strapping Machine with Magazine Bearer System

Our customer is a significant manufacturer of MDF and particle board. They had a competing supplier's automatic strapping system on site. It was rendered unreliable and cost the business time and money in unnecessary downtime to rectify the issues. FROMM was approached to engineer a reliable strapping solution for their busy Melbourne Distribution Centre.

FROMM Packaging installed a new automated strapping machine. FROMM focused the solution on equipment reliability over speed. The strapping machine complete with magazines for timber bearers was designed to be a reliable and robust strapping solution for a busy distribution centre.  

The FROMM MH600 automated strapping head with specialist gated strapping track meant the line could be sped up if needed. The magazine bearer system allowed for multiple width bearers depending on customer production needs.

Finally, the FROMM super jumbo dispenser was installed, reducing downtime and injury risks between each coil change.  Using quality FROMM strapping, provided High impact resistance, Elastic memory and is corrosion resistant.

The equipment was installed over an agreed shut down period, and the customer is enjoying excellent production outcomes.

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