Paperpad Paper Void Fill

FROMM Paperpad paper void fill is the latest in sustainable void fill materials.  Highly recommended for businesses utilising e-commerce and those interested in reducing their tertiary plastic packaging. 

FROMM Paperpad paper is made from 100% recycled paper, and is 100% recyclable.  At end of use both the box and the paper void fill can be recycled together, reducing waste separation for the consumer. 

The flat paper once feed through the FROMM Paperpad Void Fill Machine, is folded into a compact interlocked pattern. When placed into a cardboard carton, this interlocked pattern creates a flexible and sufficient padding that fills carton voids and acts as a protective layer around your product.  There are no staples or glues holding the compact interlock, meaning the expanded shape can be easily manipulated to fit the carton as desired.  The paper is pre-cut for easy loading into the FROMM machine and features perforations at 70mm for easy tear. 


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