Forza Ventilated Stretch Film

Forza Ventilated Stretch Film with up to 250% stretch

Forza ventilated machine grade stretch film is available in two stretching ratios.

Customers with high-performance stretch wrapping machines can benefit from the Forza Ventilated HD which will stretch greater than 250%. This film is capable of converting 1 metre of film into 3.5 metres when applied to the pallet. Forza ventilated HD has a high load containment. Ideal for products such as pallets of fruit and vegetables which are often column stacked and unstable.

Forza Ventilated Stretch film features holes in the film that allow loads to breathe and not sweat. As the film passes through the pre-stretch systems the holes enlarge to allow for the application to be successful. This makes it ideal for snap freezing using less energy or for hot fill where the load also needs to be cooled quickly.

Forza Ventilated 00 has a lower stretch ratio than its high-performance partner. However, it allows for the same outcomes but is applied using a "standard" machine where the ability to stretch the film is less. The film is macro perforated as the stretch is less, leading to the same or similar outcomes to Forza ventilated HD

Forza Ventilated Stretch Film HD and 00 are produced with reinforcements to maintain their integrity in all environments.  Both materials whilst manufactured using virgin resins are 100% recyclable here in Australia. 

  • Every metre matters

    Every metre matters

  • Environmentally friendly

    Environmentally friendly

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Forza Stretch Film

Stretch film, also called stretch wrap or pallet wrap, is a type of packaging solution in the form of a flexible plastic film used to tightly encase items or pallets for stability during storage or transit. Its elastic nature allows stretching during the application, securing goods together. It is usually available in various sizes and strengths and helps to shield products against moisture, dust, and tampering, ensuring product integrity.

Choosing the ideal stretch film for your load will depend on its specifics, including — size, weight, and stability, in order to get a suitable film thickness and strength to support it.

When you partner with FROMM Packaging, our expert team can provide the appropriate advice for the type of pallet wrap that you should use for your product loads.

We’ve also published a guide to understanding the right type of stretch film for different types of pallet sizes and weights.

The benefit of partnering with FROMM is that we offer a total packaging solution. Offering a wide range of stretch films, we meet the requirements across various industry sectors including logistics, construction, agriculture, distribution, beverage, food, and paper.

Thanks to its high level of clarity, FROMM’s stretch film offers protection so you can improve packing and shipping efficiency. FROMM Stretch Film maintain high puncture resistance, clarity and retention.

At FROMM we guarantee that every roll of pallet wrapping film that you purchase is the same length as quoted in the FROMM Technical Data Sheet at a minimum. So if it’s a 2000 metre roll, you will get 2000 metres, guaranteed.

Some stretch film resellers have up to 5% variation from batch to batch — this could mean a difference of 100 metres on every roll.

FROMM provide a technical data sheet for every style of film that outlines all the technical specifications and states the amount of film on every roll, ensuring that you’ll get what you pay for every time.

It is important as stretch film is designed to be stretched. It has a “memory” which means when you stretch it the film wants to return to it’s original size. Of course when stretching it 200%+ it does not return to it’s original length but it does tighten and this is what creates the tension to hold your pallet securely. Stretching the film also reduces the amount of film on your pallet, therefore reducing the plastic waste.

FROMM is focused on developing sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

All FROMM Wrapping Machines and Stretch Film are manufactured to ensure pre-stretch film delivery is maintained to reduce your stretch film wastage, by up to 40% each year.

We actively strive, to develop and produce packaging machines and consumables for a better planet.

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