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Seals and Buckles

  • Fromm Packaging Serrated Seal

    Serrated Seal for Plastic (PET) Strap

    The serrated pattern stops PET strap from slipping under tension. Suitable for - 12 mm (1000/pack) - 16 mm (1000/pack)

  • Fromm Packaging Open Seal

    Open Flange Seal for PP Strap

    The open flange allows placement over the PP strap before tensioning. Suitable for - 12mm (1000/pack) - 15mm (1000/pack) - 19mm (1000/pack)

  • Fromm Packaging Snap On Seal

    Snap On Seal for Steel Strap

    Fast & easy to use, snap on seals can be placed on steel strap before or after tensioning. Suitable for - 12 mm (1000/pack) - 16 mm (1000/pack) - 19 mm (1000/pack)

  • Fromm Packaging Overlap Seal

    Overlap Seal for Steel Strap

    For fast operation, time saving and efficient. For combination tools.

  • Fromm Packaging Plastic Buckles

    Plastic Strap Buckles

    FROMM has a range of different sized plastic strap for different strapping requirements. The plastic buckles are ideal for lighter duties and require no hand tools to strap and tension. It’s as simple as looping the strap and pulling to achieve required tension.

  • Fromm Packaging Metal Buckles

    Metal Strap Buckles for PP Strap

    FROMM has a range of different sized metal wire strap buckles for different strapping requirements. The metal buckles are for more heavy duty strapping. The buckle pinches down to hold the polypropylene strap securely.

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