Dry Cover Shipping Container Desiccant

Desiccant bags designed to hug or cover your products

Dry Cover desiccant bags are designed to hug or cover your products. Manufactured from a laminated non-woven material with excellent water repellence and good air permeability, they appear as a long rectangle strip with string to attach and secure the desiccant to your products.

Palletised cargos benefit from dry cover where the desiccant bag is placed adjacent or within the palletised product, not only controlling the atmospherics but also picking up any moisture that may come from the use of timber pallets that have not been kiln dried. Dry cover desiccant bag can be used by itself or in conjunction with dry guard 500/1000g depending on the cargo destination.

When containers are not packed full and have lots of air Dry Cover desiccant bag is an excellent product to place strategically to maximise absorption and minimise cargo risk.

Dry Cover desiccant bag 1000g creates a dry environment in the container. It will effectively absorb humidity and control the dew point preventing mildew and rust formation for 60 days with an absorption capacity up to 250 to 300%. The patented desiccant mixture turns to solid gel after full absorption. There are no leakage issues.

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