Pallet Anti Slip Sheets

Market Leading Pallet Anti Slip Sheets guarantee load stability

Stabulon Anti Slip Sheets provide a load stability guarantee and are renowned for protecting palletised goods from damage. Vibration and sudden jolts during transportation often cause palletised products to slip causing damage. 

Placing Stabulon Antislip sheets strategically between the pallet layers, the products are guaranteed not to slip or cause unnecessary damage to lower layers. The Antislip sheets are made from recycled material and are 100% recyclable. 

The cost significance of product returns can be detrimental to your overall profit line. Stabulon AntiSlip Sheets provide you with confidence. You will reduce product damage returns and staff accidents, saving your business time and money. 

We work with you to resolve your load stability issues 

FROMM can work with you to solve your load stability issues. FROMM Packaging has specialised testing equipment that can simulate the conditions a pallet goes through during transport. The new FROMM Transport Simulator enables FROMM to do in-house testing on load stabilisation and stress on load in transit. We can scientifically, advise you on what stability products are required to protect your products during transport. 

When we resolve your load security issues, we can work with you to increase pallet heights and load capacity to optimise your shipping methods

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