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Pallet Stability Products

Despite the amazing technologies available in the packaging industry, some products need extra assistance and FROMM has options to improve pallet stability.

If you are transporting items such as cans or bottles, they are layered on the pallet and therefore require layer pads to be placed between each level so no damage can occur.

With the use of wooden pallets still prevalent in Australia, the food and pharmaceutical industries normally require a layer pad to be placed between the pallet and the bottom of its products to minimise contamination risks. Fromm layer pads are ideal for this application.

Our anti slip pallet sheets add extra friction between the layers and can be used where the product is in shiny or slippery packaging, or where the product is top heavy, or bottom heavy. The anti-slip pallet grip sheets, increase the friction level to assist load stability

  • Fromm Packaging Anti Slip Sheets 125

    Pallet Anti Slip Sheets

    Stabulon Anti-Slip sheets are used worldwide to eliminate transit damage. Vibration and load stresses, such as emergency braking, often cause palletised loads to slip.

  • Fromm Packaging Pallet Layer Pads 125

    Pallet Layer Pads

    Pallet layer pads are widely used in the food & beverage industry to reduce the risk of contaminates / water on the pallet coming into contact with food products.

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