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FROMM Machine Warranty

Whether it is a stretch wrapping machine, strapping or carton taping equipment, an industrial packaging machine can be a sizeable investment.

To provide you with peace of mind all FROMM packaging equipment includes a free two-year warranty, effective from the date of delivery to your site, covering structural components and non-wearing parts. 

6 Month Health Check

Your new machine needs to perform at its optimum level at all times. To ensure your equipment is operating at peak performance it is important that we perform a health check every six months of operation. This service includes:

  • Checking all nuts, bolts, chains etc are worn in and correctly calibrated
  • A simple visual review to check for alignment and throughput quality
  • A review of the machine through its operating panel (HMI) to ensure parameter settings are correct, and electronic operational information is being read and stored correctly.

This health check takes no more than four hours to complete and the total cost is $590*. This includes a detailed service report listing all the findings and adjustments we have made.

*Conditions apply and smaller machines are cheaper to health check. Talk with your Fromm service representative

FROMM Warranty FAQs

How do I register my free Warranty?

No paperwork is required; we take care of that for you. Just ensure all your business contact information is correct on the order paperwork.

How long are new FROMM packaging machine warranties?

Every machine comes standard with a two-year warranty.

What is covered by the FROMM warranty?

The warranty covers structural components and non wearing parts. For full warranty terms please visit, section 5. 

What Warranty terms are offered on other manufacturers products I purchase through FROMM Australia

All products purchased through FROMM Australia carry our FROMM two-year warranty. If a product we source offers a longer warranty that is applicable in Australia, we may be able to offer an extended warranty. Full terms and conditions are usually found in the quotation provided by FROMM

Do you use new or refurbished parts for repairs and do they come with a warranty?

In the event of a warranty claim, new parts are used and they will be the same brand and identical in every way. If the same part fails more than once during the warranty period the cause needs to be investigated to re warrant the part. The fault could be due to external influences and in most instances Fromm Packaging will send the part away to the original manufacturer for further investigative testing.  

Does FROMM need to service my machine to maintain warranty?

Yes to maintain warranty a FROMM approved service technician must service your machine a minimum of every 6 months.

How often should I service my machine to maintain machine integrity?

You should service your machine every 6 months to ensure you maintain a reliable machine. High throughput equipment may require earlier intervention. Talk with your FROMM Service Representative to confirm your needs as certain environments are harsher than others.