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Packaging Solutions for Warehouse & Third Party Logistics Industries

FROMM has been designing, manufacturing and servicing end of line packaging equipment to ensure safe and secure storage and transport in the logistics, warehouse and distribution industries for over 70 years. Established in Switzerland, FROMM’s world renowned equipment is expertly designed to increase efficiency, product throughput & load integrity.

Our range of packaging equipment includes everything from simple, standalone wrapping and strapping machines, to fully automatic wrapping and strapping systems which can be customised to suit your needs. These systems can be installed with fencing, compression and safety systems to achieve an efficient packaging line capable of wrapping up to 120 pallets an hour.

FROMM Packaging Australia is capable of fulfilling every need you have to get your product from the warehouse to the customer. Along with our tools, machines and consumables, we offer a number of export solutions such as desiccant, dunnage bags, carton sealers and marking/labeling solutions.

Our focus is to assist you to transport products as simply, safely and cost effectively as practical. To this end we have developed the FROMM Advantage in partnership with Sydney University. This unique independent service allows the simulation of the g-forces of an accident, and the testing of packaging materials to this and the manufacturers claimed tolerances.

In an industry dealing with high volumes of product, you need to use the absolute best quality systems to ensure minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

Each application presents a different challenge and FROMM has the complete range of hardware to integrate with your strapping or wrapping system. We develop the best solution by including technologies such as label applicators, bearer systems and corner protectors. Combined with our range of manual products such as hand strapping tools, we have the range to meet your diverse needs.

Warehouse & Third Party Logistics (3PL) Industries

Our solutions include:

Wrapping Machines

Our complete range of pallet wrapping machines includes semi and fully automatic devices with enhancements including weighing scales, label applicators, topsheet devices.

We also have solutions suitable for hot and cold environments and the capability to wrap one pallet per hour all the way to 130 pallets per hour using fully integrated conveying and safety protocol. To view our wrapping machine solutions click here

Strapping machines

The range of FROMM strapping machines start from small fixed strapping heads for parcels to solutions for pallets and larger objects. Additional capability such as label and corner protection applicators and robot devices to add bearers can be included. To view our strapping machine solutions click here

Hand Strapping Tools

FROMM hand strapping tools are suitable for offline unitizing of products. Easy to use, you simply place the strap around the load tension, seal and cut using one of our ergonomically designed steel or plastic strapping tools. Our extensive range also includes battery or pneumatically powered tools. To view our hand strapping tool solutions click here

Pallet Wrapping Films

The importance of stretch films as a load retainment and load integrity device is often underrated. The Fromm range of premium quality hand and machine wrapping films is designed to suit any application including black films for security purposes.

Our hand films are designed to stretch with the minimum of force. No more need to pull the film tight, simply apply to the pallet and walk around, or place in the film carousel and let the machine do the work. To view our stretch wrap solutions click here


Steel, plastic (PET) and PP strapping are in the FROMM range. We are a leading global manufacturer of strapping and can offer various sizes, colours and even print onto the strap for product identification. As the manufacturer we are quality certified and guarantee our products fit for purpose. To view our Strap solutions click here

Desiccants and Dunnage bags

Exporters, be they direct exporters or via logistical distribution and container consolidators, need to ensure their cargo arrives at the overseas port in the best possible condition. Our Dunnage bags protect the cargo from load shifting. These “pillows of air” once inflated fill any voids and ensure the cargo is secured for its transit.

If airborne moisture contamination is a concern for hydroscopic, steel, and food products, MBD.99 will protect from rust, mold, mildew and water damage whilst in transit. The desiccant bags in the correct application will mitigate the Dew point and control the internal atmospherics within the container.

We are offering a complete package to minimise your supplier base, keep you abreast of the global trends and maintain a best practice working relationship. To view our Desiccants and Dunnage bags solutions click here