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Packaging Solutions for Warehouse & Third Party Logistics Industries

FROMM provides packaging solutions to increase efficiency, product throughput & load integrity.

Our range of solutions for the warehouse and 3PL industries include everything from simple, standalone wrapping and strapping machines, to fully automatic wrapping and strapping systems which can be customised to suit your needs. These systems can be installed with fencing, compression and safety systems to achieve an efficient packaging line capable of wrapping up to 120 pallets an hour.

Along with our tools, machines and consumables, we offer a number of export solutions such as desiccant, dunnage bags, carton sealers and marking/labelling solutions.

Our focus is to assist you to transport products as simply, safely and cost-effectively as practical. FROMM Packaging has specialised testing equipment that can simulate the conditions a pallet goes through during transport. The new FROMM Transport Simulator enables FROMM to do in-house testing on load stabilisation and stress on load in transit, a first for the Packaging Industry in Australia.

Wrapping Machines

Our complete range of pallet wrapping machines includes semi and fully automatic devices with enhancements including weighing scales, label applicators, top sheet devices.

We also have solutions suitable for hot and cold environments and the capability to wrap one pallet per hour all the way to 130 pallets per hour using fully integrated conveying and safety protocol. 

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Strapping machines

FROMM Packaging has a wide range of Strapping Machine solutions including Semi-automatic Strapping Machines, strapping heads, strap dispensers and Inline Automatic Strapping Systems. All feature a rugged steel construction which is designed for round-the-clock operation, making them a great alternative to hand strapping boxes. 

Additional capability such as label and corner protection applicators and robot devices to add bearers can be included.

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Hand Strapping Tools

FROMM hand strapping tools bring unmatched performance, portability, and versatility to any industrial dispatch area.

Easy to use, you simply place the strap around the load tension, seal and cut using one of our ergonomically designed steel or plastic strapping tools. Our extensive range includes battery or pneumatically powered tools. 

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Pallet Wrapping Films

The Fromm range of premium quality hand and machine stretch wrapping films are designed to suit any application including black films for security purposes.

Up to 200% stretch that represents great value for money converting 1m on the roll to 3m on your pallet!

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FROMM is a leading manufacturer and innovator of Plastic Strapping, Steel Strapping and PP Strap.

With four manufacturing facilities places in Chile, Thailand, Germany and USA, FROMM can offer various sizes, colours and even print onto the strap for product identification. 


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If airborne moisture contamination is a concern for hydroscopic, steel, and food products, MBD.99 will protect from rust, mold, mildew and water damage whilst in transit. The desiccant bags in the correct application will mitigate the Dew point and control the internal atmospherics within the container.


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Dunnage Bags

Inflatable Dunnage Bags are a quick and easy solution to fill voids that can create load shift risks in containers.

Easy to position, fast to inflate the Bates Dunnage Bags create a pillow of air that cushions the cargo to eliminate any potential damage. They are even water resistant!


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