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Packaging solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

FROMM Packaging Australia specialises in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of hand strapping tools, wrapping machines, strapping machines & inline automatic packaging systems for the Food and Beverage Industry. Our world renowned equipment is expertly designed for unitising and palletising glass bottles, cans, food products and waxed boxes for secure transport.

Our vertical integration, combined with the technical expertise and vast experience of our staff gained over our 38 years of trading in Australia and 70 years globally, has ensured our success. Working closely with our food and beverage customers such as Parmalat, McCain Foods, A2 Milk, Eastcoast Foods & Beverages, we specialise in designing and manufacturing packaging equipment for the consumer market. 

FROMM Packaging Australia offer a range of simple, standalone wrapping machines for rent or purchase as well as fully automatic in-line wrapping systems with scales & labelling options, perfect for the food & beverage industry. We can fit out these systems with fencing, compression and safety systems to achieve packaging lines capable of wrapping up to 120 pallets an hour.

Our strapping machines feature stainless steel tops which are ideal for cold room or freezer applications. We are also the exclusive distributors of Stabulon, a high quality anti-slip sheet that makes unitising and palletising slippery objects such as bottles and cans easier and safer. Flexible rental & rent-to-buy programs that conserve working capital are available for systems, tools & machines.

Our focus is to assist you to get your products to market as simply and cost effectively as practical. To this end we have developed the FROMM Advantage in partnership with Sydney University. This unique independent service allows the simulation of the g-forces of an accident, and the testing of packaging materials to this and the manufacturers claimed tolerances.

In an industry dealing with consumer products you need to use the absolute best quality packaging machines and tools to increase product throughput and ensure your products arrive in perfect condition.  At FROMM Australia we work in partnership with you to understand your process and design a packaging solution to meet your requirements.

Each application presents a different challenge and we can call on our complete range of technologies such as label applicators, bearer systems and corner protectors to integrate with the strapping or wrapping system.

This is complimented by our range of manual products, such as hand strapping tools, to meet the complete requirements of your product range.

Our solutions include:

Wrapping Machines

We offer a complete range of semi and fully automatic wrapping machines suitable for hot or cold temperature environments. FROMM can design a machine with weight scales, label applicators and top sheet devices. Our range includes systems with the capability of wrapping from one pallet up to 130 pallets per hour using fully integrated conveying and safety protocols. To view our wrapping machine solutions click here

Strapping machines

The range of FROMM strapping machines starts from small fixed strapping heads for parcels to solutions for oversize pallets and large objects. These machines can be integrated with label applicators, corner protection applicators and robot devices to add bearers to provide a complete solution.

The larger machines can even include top and or side compression too further stabilize the load. Steel or plastic strapping heads are available so the system can be fitted with either. To view our strapping machine solutions click here

Hand Strapping Tools

Our FROMM hand strapping tools are ideal for unitising product offline. You can simply place the strap around the load and tension, seal and cut using one of our ergonomically designed steel or plastic strapping tools. Battery or pneumatically powered tools are all available within the extensive range of FROMM tools. To view our hand strapping tool solutions click here

Pallet Stretch Film

Stretch film is often seen as a commodity within the food and beverage industry, however it is an important component in maintaining load integrity.

FROMM has a range of premium quality hand and machine wrapping films to suit any application including black films for security purposes.

Our hand films are designed to stretch with the minimum of force applied for ease of application. Simply apply to the pallet and walk around, or place in the film carousel and let the machine do the work. To view our pallet stretch films click here


FROMM supply plastic (PET) and PP strapping. As a leading global manufacturer of strapping we can offer various sizes, colours and even print onto the strap for product identification. You can be confident that our products are quality certified and guaranteed to be fit for purpose. To view our strapping solutions click here

Inline Automatic Machines. Link to a case study here.