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FROMM Packaging Australia designs and manufactures industry-leading supplies and equipment for food and beverage packing in Australia. Our solutions include unitising and palletising glass bottles, cans, packing food products and waxed boxes for secure transport.

We understand that when it comes to beverage and food packaging, the goal is to get your products to market as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. With FROMM’s food packaging supplies and equipment, you can streamline the process, resulting in faster, more economical, high-quality packing and delivery to customers.

Our expert team of packaging engineers and consultants will be able to advise you on the right equipment and supplies for your food and beverage operations. We’ll help you secure the right packing equipment and supplies, to meet the size, shape, and orientation of your products, as well as end-to-end services, from installation to customisation of the recommended food packaging supplies.

Food Packaging Machines to Streamline Production

We offer a range of packaging machines ideal for food and beverage products; including standalone wrapping machines and fully automatic in-line wrapping systems with scales and labelling features that are custom-built for the food and beverage industry. These systems have the option of being fitted with fencing, compression and safety systems that will enable wrapping speeds of up to 120 pallets an hour. We also have a complete range of auxiliary equipment such as label applicators, bearer systems, and corner protectors that can be smoothly integrated with our strapping or wrapping systems to take full advantage of their efficiency. Besides automated solutions, FROMM provides a collection of manual products, such as hand-strapping tools, to meet the complete requirements of your product range. FROMM Packaging Australia is also the exclusive distributor of Stabulon, a high-quality anti-slip sheet that makes unitising and palletising slippery objects such as bottles and cans easier and safer.

For more delicate packaging needs, we offer an independent service to test the integrity of packaging materials under simulated g-forces for the purpose of determining how they will hold up under harsh transport conditions, such as during an accident. 


Our Expertise in Food & Beverage Packaging Supplies & Solutions

As with any industry dealing with consumer products, the importance of the correct equipment and supplies for reliable food packaging equipment cannot be understated. Packaging will play a major role in your food or beverage business - don’t make the mistake of choosing a packaging solution that does not protect your product. Work with FROMM Packaging for solutions that you know you can trust when your products are packaged, packed, and transported to your customers. 

Our vertical integration, combined with the technical expertise and vast experience of our staff gained over our 38 years in Australia and 70 years globally, has placed us at the forefront of food packaging solutions and supplies for businesses of all sizes. Food and beverage industry brands we’ve worked with include Parmalat, McCain Foods, A2 Milk, and Eastcoast Foods & Beverages. We have warehouses and offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.


Our solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry include:

Inline Wrapping Machines

Automatic Inline Strapping Machines

Battery Powered Strapping Tools

Pallet Wrapping Films

Stretch Wrappers

Frequently Asked Questions

In Australia, Standard 3.2.2 (“Food Safety Practices and General Requirements”) mandates that food businesses use packaging that is appropriate for its intended use, avoid using materials that can contaminate food, and ensure that food is not contaminated during the packaging process.

FROMM’s food packaging supplies and equipment are 100% compliant with these standards and can help to ensure that food and beverage products stay safe in transit. Our packaging cartons are non-toxic and suitable for consumable products.

Apart from wholesale food packaging equipment like our fully automatic in-line wrapping systems and strapping machines, we also offer carton handling products for individual batch food packaging. These include:

  • Carton Erector Machines
  • Carton Taping Machines
  • Void Fill Machines
  • Water Activated Tape Dispenser
  • Paper Airpad Machine
  • Paperpad Void Fill Machine

These solutions are ideal for smaller-scale businesses that have lower-volume packaging needs but want a sustainable and cost-efficient solution in the end-production stage of production.

We also have flexible options for our food packaging equipment. If your business does not have the available working capital for purchase, our rental and rent-to-buy programs can enable it to enjoy the full benefits of more effective and cost-efficient packaging at a substantially reduced upfront cost.

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