Packaging Solutions for the Aluminium & Steel Industry

Aluminium and Steel

Our success is based on our vertical integration and the technical expertise and vast experience of our staff gained over our 45 years of trading in Australia and 70 years globally. FROMM Australia has provided end of line packaging solutions to a range of notable aluminium and steel companies like Alcoa, Tomago, BlueScope, OneSteel, Vulcan Steel.

The difference between FROMM Packaging and our competitors in the market is that we work in partnership with our customers and specialise in designing and manufacturing packaging equipment and consumables to withstand the harsh environments and transport conditions. In an industry with heavy duty, applications you need to use the absolute best quality products, tools and equipment.

Our focus is to assist you to get your products to market as simply and cost effectively as practical. To this end we have developed the FROMM Advantage in partnership with Sydney University. This unique independent service allows the simulation of the g-forces of an accident, and the testing of packaging materials to this and the manufacturers claimed tolerances.

Aluminium or steel based products include profiles, ingot, billet, sheet, coated or uncoated coils, slit or process coils, slab or plate. Each application presents a different challenge and additional technologies such as label applicators, bearer systems and corner protectors are often needed. FROMM has the complete range of hardware to integrate with the strapping or wrapping system. Combined with “off line” products such as hand strapping tools, FROMM ensures you can get a complete system from a single source.


Our solutions for the Aluminium and Steel Industry include:

Automatic Inline Strapping Machines

Battery Powered Strapping Tools

Inline Wrapping Machines

Strapping Machines

Strap Dispensers

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