Packaging Solutions for the Agricultural Industry

Agricultural industry

Value of Agricultural Packaging Supplies

With the agriculture industry accounting for roughly 60% of Australia’s land use, it is one of the highest-producing industries in the nation.  High-volume product yields, coupled with the fact that products such as crops are usually perishable in nature mean that having an inefficient packaging solution may result in large quantities of products becoming unsuitable for delivery. 

As an agricultural industry-based business, having a customised packaging solution that can maintain a high throughput will ensure that your products are processed and packaged quickly and securely for transport.

There are also other product-specific packaging challenges that will require the use of specialised supplies to prevent damage and safety risks. For example, the weight of hay bales, the stored energy, and expansion after processing must be considered. Improperly packaged hay bales can explode, causing danger to employees or damage and unloading problems during transport.

Why Choose Us

As Australia’s leading packaging supplier for over 45 years, FROMM has expertise in designing and providing effective packaging solutions for businesses in the agriculture industry. We’ve provided our services and products to enhance the packaging capabilities of baling companies such as Gilmac Hay, AWH, Queensland Cotton, Auscott Limited, and more.

Agricultural Packaging
Agricultural Packaging Supplies

How We Work

To get started with us, simply give our team a call at 1800 940 356, or send us an enquiry via email at

From there, our packaging specialists will be in touch with you to understand your business's packaging needs and provide expert recommendations on how you can increase your packaging efficiency.

Our packaging equipment will be delivered to your location and installed by our team, taking into account your current operational processes. Once our equipment and supplies have been delivered, you can continue to rely on our service support team for troubleshooting or improvements.

Types of Businesses We Work With

FROMM Australia’s agricultural packaging solutions are suitable for a wide range of businesses in the agricultural sector from hay production and distribution to cotton processing and export.

We can work with businesses that produce crops at source, crop processing companies, and distribution or export-based businesses.

If your business needs agricultural packaging supplies or solutions, contact us today to find out how we can assist you.


Our Range of Agricultural Packaging Supplies

At FROMM, we have a wide collection of agricultural packaging equipment, such as automatic in-line strapping machines, complete baling and systems, inline wrapping machines, hand-powered strapping tools, and orbital stretch wrappers. All of our equipment is designed and manufactured in-house under the strictest quality standards to ensure maximum efficiency and durability.

In addition to high-performance packaging equipment, we also offer packaging supplies such as polyester straps, steel strapping, and plastic stretch wrapping. Our solutions are designed with reliability in mind, ensuring that your products are kept secure during storage and transport. 


Our solutions for Agriculture Industry include:

Stretch Wrappers

Automatic Inline Strapping Machines

Battery Powered Strapping Tools

Strapping Machines

Inline Wrapping Machines

Pneumatic Powered Hand Strapping Tools

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