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AP150 Airpad Machine

Void Fill Machines for any sized warehouse

The FROMM AP150 Airpad is an ideal Void Fill Machine Solution. With one machine capable of producing both pillows and bubble wrap at speeds of 8m per minute, it makes the ideal choice for a busy dispatch warehouse.

All the plastic film is 100% recyclable. Increasing customer satisfaction with a no-mess alternative to loose fill.

Patented technology. No air leakage, no sealing breakage with a defect rate of less than 0.06%. 

FROMM AP150 Void Fill Machines use ambient air pressure and maximise the amount of air per void fill pillow allowing for efficient use of the film. 

No need for complicated installation training systems, with the AP150 Airpad Machine you just simply plugin, load your film and the Void Fill Machine, is ready for operation.


  • Precise Sealing
  • One machine can create air cushions, tubes and bubble film
  • Inflates at a speed of 8m per minute
  • Patented technology. No air leakage, no sealing breakage with a defect rate of less than 0.06%
  • Maximises the amount of air per pillow/cushion allowing a more efficient use of the film
  • Uses ambient air pressure, reducing energy consumption and noise
  • Rapid and flexible loading of different film widths without changing parts
  • Easy to use machines, no need for staff training
  • Dynamic Sealing Technology, eliminates film failure with an air leak zone that ensures high compressive strength
  • High puncture resistance
  • Small Machines with big outputs
  • Two Year FROMM Warranty
  • One machine can be scaled with different hoppers to suite a growing warehouse environment

Technical Specifications

Machine Specification

  • Speed 8m/min
  • Weight 8.8kg (Void Fill Machine only)
  • Power supply 240V
  • Film Thickness Film Thickness : 13 to 80um

Machine Options

  • Ground Level Hopper
  • Air Cushion Delivery System
  • Cart with wheels for desktop operation
  • Winder System designed for bubble wrap
  • Movable Basket
  • Integrated Overhead Hopper
  • Lift System for Large Distribution Warehouses

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