Wrapping a Pallet with a Pallet Wrapping Machine verses by hand

Lets face it, having someone running around a pallet, wrapping it by hand in a busy dispatch area can be a recipe for disaster. FROMM Packaging has created the following videos to help demonstrate the four main benefits of wrapping your pallets using specialised machines verses by hand.

With warehouse injuries on the rise in Australia, its time to start looking at safer options for your employees. According to Safe Work Australia, 33%* of all serious claims were the result of muscular stress while lifting or handling objects. Somewhere along the way they will likely trip or worse experience lower back, neck, elbow or knee injuries from the repetitive action. If you have to wrap by hand we have invented a new stretch film that requires absolute minimal force to apply the product to the pallet.
Good stretch wrapping machines eliminate the need for hand wrapping and reduce the amount of potential OH&S claims you will receive.

 Watch: Safety

*   Reference https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/system/files/documents/1702/australian-workers-compensation-statistics-2013-14.pdf 

Time Savings
As the below video demonstrates wrapping a pallet using specialised wrapping equipment will save your warehouse time, allow you to speed up your production throughput and it will free your warehouse staff to focus on other tasks making your dispatch area more productive

Watch: Time Savings

Cost savings
Wrapping a pallet using specialised machines will provide significant savings on film usage with the incredible pre stretch capability of every Fromm Wrapping Machine. Every wrapping cycle could save you $20 in film ( A typical saving wrapping say 25 pallets per day could equate to $5,000 or more in film per annum).

 Watch: Cost Savings

Load Containment
Stretch wrap is designed to be stretched and a FROMM Wrapping Machine will do this correctly and consistently on every pallet. Using the control functions on the machine you can select the right settings to ensure you're your load containment is right every time.

 Watch: Load Containment

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