Why should you invest in a Case Sealer Machine?


What is a Case Sealer?

Case sealer machines seal the openings of cartons.

Should you invest in a case sealer? What are the benefits? 

Yes, you should definitely invest in a case sealer. If your business demands a smooth distribution process, then a case sealer becomes a necessity.

So, without further ado, here are the benefits: 

Semi Automation or Complete Automation qualities

Whether you semi-automate or fully automate your sealing process, you reduce the need to employ someone to oversee elements of the process, such as ensuring a clean tape surface. Case sealer machines will do all the work for you, and will provide you with efficiency in:

  • An increase in the sealing rate
  • A cleaner, more effectual appearance.
  • The elimination of multiple taping
  • An increase in product security due to tamper proof sealing.

Increased output  

Sealing boxes manually can be extremely timely and costly. Case sealers can help to increase the number of cases seals per day, meaning more cartons will be displaced daily, ultimately increases revenue for your business. You will speed up the entire process and enhance production rates without increases staff costs.

Save on costs

Businesses always look to save costs. A case sealing machine will allow you to save costs within multiple aspects of your organisation, such as decreasing tape costs and wastage. When sealing is done manually, more tape is wasted than necessary. Our case sealer machines at FROMM uses only the exact amount of tape required. Not only can you reduce costs by decreasing material wastage, but costs are also cut with the increase in productivity.

Lower chance of injury

The actions of manually sealing packages can cause repetitive strain injuries. When investing in automated machines, you remove a lot of the input usually required by a human to complete repetitive manual tasks – case sealing machines are no exception.

Reduce damaged returns

The increase in consistent sealing the automatic case sealers price, a stronger seal is made. This reduces the chance of the tape peeling off during transportation and storage, securing the product inside.

Now that you understand the benefits that a case sealer will bring to your packaging operation, it is time to consider which machine you should invest in. At FROMM we can help you choose which packing solutions is best suited for your business needs. For more information, click here or call 1800 940 356. 

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