What is an Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap Alternative?


Research displays that consumers consider sustainability when making a purchase and are willing to pay more for sustainable products. Businesses need to invest in greener operations, including sustainable product alternatives.

Innovations in eco-friendly packaging materials have produced paper alternatives to bubble wrap. At FROMM, we are proud to supply sustainable paper void fill packaging, including:  


Airpad Paper Cushion Film

Airpad Paper Cushion Film is the lasted innovation in protective packaging by FROMM. This new line of inflatable pillows is made from 75% recycled (certified) paper and contains when inflated 99% air. For businesses wishing to reduce their plastic use, the Airpad Paper Cushion Film is an excellent alternative.

Airpad dispensing system can also measure the void and then create the exact amount of void fill needed, removing guess work and film wastages.

It is great solution for high-value products in e-commerce, the Paper Cushion Film will suit the most environmentally conscious provider. It can be used with our Airpad AP150 Void Fill Machine

So, what are the benefits of paper alternatives?

  • Easy storage: Paper void fill packaging comes in compact rolls and will take up to 80% less space to store in your property.
  • Efficiency: There is no need to use a box cutter or scissors to get the desired length. When a product is wrapped properly, the packaging material is easy to tear from the roll. With less folding and taping, your staff will be able to pack at a higher speed and complete the task more efficiently.
  • Reduced waste: Paper void filled packing is ultimately designed to reduce plastic packaging materials going to landfill and harming our environment. You will no longer need to store bulky plastic bubble wrap, and your storage space will be freed up.

At FROMM Packaging, our innovative technologies, manufacturing processes and industry-leading products are all working toward benefits the environment. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to put in place eco-friendly practices, and small changes can lead to a great impact on our environment, including in investing in environmentally friendly packaging alternatives.

Let FROMM help your business become more eco-friendly, contact us on 1800 940 356 for more information.


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