What is air pillow packaging? And what are the benefits? 


Air pillow packaging, otherwise known as air cushions, are plastic pockets that are filled with air and then sealed. This innovative packaging solution is often used to fill the void in shipping boxes which helps prevent shifting, ultimately providing cushioning for products. Companies, both big and small, have made the switch and are now implementing air cushions in their packaging.  

At FROMM, we supply a range of air pillow packaging that is designed to keep your load safer for longer.  

So, what are the benefits of air cushions?  

  • Save Space: Air pillows are shipped flat and are inflated on-site as needed. Meaning you save storage space in our warehouse.  
  • Flexible Options: Air pillows are available in a variety of sizes to fit your specified needs. At FROMM we supply various air packaging solutions for you to choose from.  
  • Time Saving: Wrapping machines can inflate your air pillows quickly, therefore increasing efficiency, and decreasing labour costs.  
  • Lower Shipping Costs: This packaging solution is very lightweight, making it a popular option to help keep shipping costs down as opposed to heavier void fill solutions that may add weight which drives costs higher.   
  • Reduce Product Damage: Air pillows can reduce the chances of your product being damaged as it offers reliable protection and padding for your product during transportation.  
  • Customer Satisfaction: Importantly, customers will receive their goods in perfect condition when packaged with air pillows. Air pillows also are mess-free and easy to dispose compared to packing peanuts or other times of loose packaging materials.  
  • Environmentally friendly: Air cushions are usually created using high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is a recyclable material. For companies wishing to reduce their plastic use, FROMM’s Airpad Paper Cushion Film is a great alternative to our recyclable LLDPE Air film.  

What are the different types of air cushion packaging?  

At FROMM we supply a wide range of air-filled packaging solutions including:  

  • Bubble Wrap: Which is designed to keep your load safer for longer. Air retention bubble wrap will ensure the bubbles will not deflate. 
  • Airpad Cushion Film: Reliable cushioning material for light to medium weight objects. This serves as a fast and neat void-fill, a durable block and brace product. 
  • Protective Pouches: The pouches are a reliable air pillow packaging material for fragile objects such as bottles of wine,  perfume, globes, and electronic devices. The pouches serve as a fast protectant barrier for shipping and transport.  
  • Kraft Paper Void Fill: A sustainable void fill solution. Kraft Paper Void Fill is 100% recyclable, making it a sustainable packaging solution for your business. 
  • Airpad Paper Cushion Film: A great solution for high-value products in e-commerce, the Paper Cushion Film will suit the most environmentally conscious provider.  

At FROMM Packaging, we have built and maintained a reputation as the trusted packaging supplier in Australia. If you are searching for the finest air-filled packaging solutions, contact us today on  1800 940 356 and one of our friendly team members will help find the best solution for you.  

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