Turn your Plastic Strap waste into a recyclable asset


As a manufacturer & distributor of plastic packaging products, FROMM Packaging is heavily invested in the importance of recycling, sustainability and waste minimisation. 

If it cannot be recycled, it's important to minimise waste costs and associated transportation of waste. 

Sweed Strap Choppers turn waste into a recyclable asset. Simply feed your unwanted strap into the machine, and it will chop it up and discard the pieces into the bin. 

Within the range of Sweed strap choppers, there are machines for low volumes of strapping waste or high volumes found in traditional heavy industry.


Benefits of Sweed Strap Choppers 

  • Turns unwanted scrap into a recyclable asset
  • Reduces waste disposal costs
  • Improves company’s green credentials
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long lasting
  • FROMM 2 year warranty
  • Reclaiming space for production, 
  • Aiding in workplace safety and housekeeping, 
  • Reducing garbage removal fees
  • Achieving environmental and sustainability goals 


Scrap Chopping Facts

  • A Sweed chopper can reduce waste by a ratio of 20:1. 
  • 20m3 skip bin of loose strap can fit into 1m3 skip bin after it’s been chopped. 
  • 1m3 skip bin can hold about 7km, or 181kg, of chopped plastic strapping 


Scrap Chopper FAQ

Q: How do I know if my company needs a scrap chopper? 

To decide if your company would benefit from a chopper, you must first evaluate how your company currently manages its scrap: 

  • Do you use skip bins or containers to collect your banding? 
  • How often are the bins emptied? 
  • How full are they when picked up? 
  • How much does your company spend on scrap disposal? 
  • How much space is required to store your scrap, and could this space be put to better use? 

Q: Why should I buy a scrap chopper when I can throw my scrap into a bin? 

  • Chopped strapping is compacted and costs less to dispose of. 
  • As environmental regulations become more stringent, garbage removal fees will continue to rise. 
  • Every time you pay to have a bin emptied, you erode your company’s profits. 
  • Many of our customers have seen a six month return on investment in a scrap chopper

Q: Will I need to hire an additional employee to operate a scrap chopper? 

No. You’re already paying an employee to handle your scrap once, just to cut strapping off a load. Instead of that employee throwing the scrap on the floor, or in the garbage, have them feed it into a scrap chopper! If employees are handling by-products more than once, then streamlining the handling of scrap should be considered to improve the overall efficiency of the facility. 

Q: How does a scrap chopper work?

Just put the scrap strapping into the infeed funnel. The feedworks will grab the material and pull it into the rotating knife path. The feedworks will continue to pull the scrap in until it is consumed, or until the operator releases the feedworks via the release lever. It’s as simple as feed-and-forget!


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