Top 7 Pallet Packaging Tips


It takes a great amount of work to make sure that the millions of goods that are shipped each day arrive to their final destination on time and in perfect condition. However, for every 100 shipments that arrive, there are likely to be a few in less-than-perfect condition, and sometimes, these damages can easily be prevented by implementing the right packing solutions.

At FROMM we like to educate our customers on the best way to package their goods. Therefore, we have curated a list of the best packaging tips. So, if your business has experienced packaging mistakes in the past, have a read below:


Tip 1: Heavy Goods Go First

When packaging boxes on a pallet, remember that the heavier items should be placed on the bottom layer. This will help you create a stable base with a lower center of gravity. Packaging the heavier items on the bottom also ensures that you aren’t crushing any of the lighter goods.


Tip 2: Package Up to The Edge (not over)

To guarantee maximum stability, arrange your boxes in a way that brings them as close to the edges of your pallet as possible without going over. Bringing your boxes to the edge of the pallet makes it easier to strap the goods down and ensures that you are using as much of the pallet space as possible. Any boxes that are hanging over the edge of the pallet are more likely to be damaged.


Tip 3: Stack Your Boxes Like You Would Lay Bricks

Stack your boxes in an overlapping brick pattern. This usually works best when stacking boxes that are the same size. However, if you are unable to use an overlapping pattern, rotate each new layer of boxes you add.


Tip 4: Avoid Stacking in A Pyramid

Many shipping professionals make the mistake of placing the smaller boxed at the top of the pallet, causing the stack to narrow as it gets taller. A pyramid shape can compromise the structural integrity of your load. If possible, we recommend adding the smaller boxes into the stack so that it results in a more cubic shape.


Tip 5: Strap Up Using Packaging Strapping

Before wrapping your pallet in stretch wrap, it is important to strap your freight to the pallet using heavy duty straps. Fasten your load to the pallet using at least two straps on each side. You can also use cardboard corner boards and slip sheets for extra stability.


Tip 6: Wrap Your Pallets

Stretch wrap helps to hold stacked boxes together so they behave as one unit instead of individual boxes. Stretch pallet wrap combined with an angled board, allows you to stack your load higher on pallets, this maximises your cube space when storing or shipping your product.


Tip 7: Plan Ahead

The most important step to improve the efficiency of stacking pallets is to consider all your stacking options. Make a list of all the common box sizes your business ships, then design various packing templates for all the possible stack combinations.

At FROMM Packaging, we have built a reputation as a trusted packaging supplier in Australia. We supply range of packaging solutions, from stretch wrapping machines, pallet wrap to packaging straps, just to name a few. We can help you choose which packing solutions is best suited for your business needs. For more information, click here or call 1800 940 356. 

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