Thinking of upgrading to an automatic pallet wrapping machine?

Here is what you need to know


Are your hand-held pallet wrapping systems not keeping up with demand? Are you thinking of upgrading to a pallet wrapping machine?

Stretch wrapping is the most common way to secure pallet load for shipping. Millions of pallets get wrapped every day around the world. The most efficient way of dispensing pallet wrap is by using an automatic wrapping machine.

Stretch wrap, such as those sold at FROMM Packaging, use the latest technology to make a more effective product, with less waste. Wrapping machines can help you get more distance out of a roll of wrapping material than a handheld dispenser.

There are various aspects to consider when deciding to purchase an automatic wrapping machine. You must consider the following:

  • How would your business benefit from purchasing an automatic wrapping machine?
  • Would it be more efficient to invest in semi-automated or fully automated?
  • How many pallets do you wrap per year?
  • How much stretch wrap do you use per year, and will a machine help reduce these costs?
  • How much manual labour do you use for pallet wrapping?

Before you go ahead and buy a machine, there are some practical steps you can take to make sure that you are purchasing the proper machine for your business. This includes:

Complete an Inventory Report

The first step would be to complete an inventory report based on the number of pallets you wrap per month, and how much stretch wrap you use to secure these loads. Once you have completed the report, you will understand how much wrap you use, and the annual cost.


Work out the cost of labour, the time taken to manually wrap pallets per month, and the loss of production due to staff morale or WH&S injuries related to repetitive manual labour. Be sure to report on the cost of staff absences due to workplace injury, the cost of replacement staff and other expenses.

Product loss and damage

Has your business experience losses due to poorly wrapped pallets? Have you had to cover those losses? Could these have been avoided if you had an automating wrapping solution? Consider all these questions when deciding to upgrade to a pallet wrapping machine

Your budget

Purchasing an automatic wrapping machine is a big investment. Therefore, have your production line analysed, and seek advice from your packaging supplier to decide whether an investment in an automatic machine will benefit your company.

Research different brands

Once you have decided that you will upgrade, it is now time to research the different brands available. At FROMM, we supply a wide range of brands, and we have the expertise to tell you which brand will work best for your unique business.

At FROMM Packaging we have a both semi-automatic and automatic pallet wrapping machines for sale. To learn more about our automatic wrapping machine range click here or call 1800 940 356.

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