The benefits of FROMM Air Cushions over other void fill products

With the current pandemic, people are turning to online ordering to purchase their goods. Online businesses and 3PL warehouses have been busy sending products and produce all over the world.  

Traditional void fill such as polystyrene loose fill and bubble wrap are becoming a thing of the past. They are expensive, messy, difficult to store, cumbersome to use and no longer seen as a viable void fill solution.

With the FROMM Air Cushion Void Fill Film, it is lightweight which will lower your shipping costs, and because you are creating the inflated air cushion packing on-demand they require minimal storage space and handling in your facility. Let us explain further.

Improve packaging efficency 

It is a common mistake in packaging to focus only on the cost of materials. The cost of protecting the product and whether it can be packaged quickly and efficiently is more important. The convenient operation of the Void Fill Machine and an air filled pillow is it’s automatic on demand process, allowing your dispatch staff to simply pull the desired amount of air-filled pillows from the hopper into a box, seal and its ready for shipping. Improving packaging efficiency and saving you money and time.

Air Cushion can Save Storage Space in your warehouse

The biggest advantage of the FROMM Air cushions is its compact size. The film is supplied in roll format and once its attached a Void Fill Machine each individual air cushion will inflate on demand.  Compare this to other void fill alternatives on the market such as bubble wrap film and polystyrene loose fill which are supplied in large boxes and require large amounts of space on your warehouse racking. The FROMM Air Cushions are a great space-saving solution.

Reduce package weight

The heavier the protective packaging materials you use, the more expensive the shipping costs will be. Air Cushions are simply that, cushions filled with air. They are lightweight and will not add any weight to your products for shipping.

Reduce transportation damage

FROMM Air Cushions will act as the “barrier” between your product and the environment around it. FROM Air Cushions are a Patented technology with no air leakage, sealing breakage and a defect rate of less than 0.06%. They feature Dynamic Sealing Technology, eliminates film failure with an air leak zone that ensures high compression strength.

Move towards green environmental protection

FROMM Air Cushions, we offer our customers special HDPE films (25 – 65 microns) with a recycling rate of up to 60%, biodegradable films or paper alternatives that guarantee a high load capacity. The patent void fill cushions consist of up to 99 % air – this saves a lot of weight, reduces shipping costs and is environmentally friendly. 


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