Steps on buying a wrapping machine

Before you buy a semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine here are a few simple questions you will need to think through, so we can recommend the right machine for you.

  1. The total foot print space that you have available for a machine
  2. How many pallets per day will you want to secure?
  3. What wrapping techniques do you currently use?
  4. The average shape and size of your loads. (eg. Really high pallet, odd shape goods, special coloured film, super light or super heavy pallets)
  5. Do you need to weigh your loads?
  6. Would you like to rent or buy the machine out right?
  7. Do you experience transit damage with your loads now, if so, what has occured?

We recommend you look at stretch wrapping machine that have a modular design so you can add and modify the machine to grow with your business. Some of the common additions are mast height extensions, base extensions, film delivery systems, ramps, remote control for mounted forklift operations and load locking devices.

At the end of the day you need to select a wrapping machine that will benefit your business by reducing labour costs, increase production yields and reduce the number of OH&S claims.

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