Science in Motion - Simulation Testing Machine

Imagine being able to scientifically calculate the optimal packaging needs for your palletised cargo and then replicating it across multiple sites. Now you can with FROMM.

Our FROMM simulator can confirm the stretch wrapping film, wrapping pattern and the amount of film applied to contain your products when tested against agreed G forces.  As not all wrapping machines work the same, once the science is proven, how do you get the same results in the field?

The FROMM wrapping cube can be taken to distribution plants and placed on the existing stretch wrapping machinery.

Applying the “sterile” wrapping pattern, we can test that the field equipment works in the same way or make local adjustments.

The test cube measures factors such as

  • Corner break
  • Puncture resistance
  • Slippage
  • Low movement

All of these points, once understood in the laboratory can be confirmed in the field.

Using FROMM stretch wrapping packages of

  • Data analysis of the products.
  • Travel time and load containment
  • Stretch wrapping film
  • Stretch wrapping equipment

With FROMM you can then have the peace of mind that your local sites are able to follow the engineered solutions.

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