Is the stretch film you are applying, right for your load?

Product returns are a massive cost to businesses every year. It’s estimated that returns can be as high as 4% due to damage through transit. If you move 100,000 pallets per year 4,000 could be damaged, that’s a staggering amount of product lost per year due to insufficient packaging.

So the question you need to ask yourself, Is the stretch film you are applying right for your products and loads? In fact, in a lot of cases you are applying too much film and not stretching it enough which is why loads gets damaged.

Think about driving your car with a seat belt that is too wide, or not tight enough. Stretch wrapping your pallets is the same principal as containing yourself in the car for safe driving. If you have ever had to stop suddenly you will recall yourself pinned into the seat by the belt, a good wrap does a similar thing.

The FROMM stretch films are designed and formulated to be used with our equipment and we can guarantee load integrity. At FROMM we have spent years researching and developing the right stretch films that will withstand rough transit activities within set G force parameters.

The result is a low cost per pallet wrapped, minimal energy to wrap, maximum load containment forces, arrival in excellent condition and no returns.

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