Sustainable packaging: How your business can be more environmentally friendly



Do you know the cost of not being environmentally friendly? Research shows that consumers consider sustainability when making a purchase and are willing to pay more for sustainable products. Businesses need greener operations, as well as sustainable products and services. Businesses who are environmentally conscious will have an increased opportunity for a market establishment that is likely to result in attracting new customers, client loyalty, and reduced costs.

It is now more important than ever to implement environmentally friendly practices throughout day-to-day business operations. At FROMM Australia, we strive to develop environmental standards that benefit and support Australian businesses.

 Businesses can implement three simple steps to be more sustainable, these are:

  1. Reduce resource consumption through efficiency
  2. Reuse products
  3. Recycle the materials

When choosing a packaging manufacturer, opt for an organisation that has a great focus on sustainability, and invest in their most eco-friendly products. At FROMM we believe in the importance of protecting our natural resources, and understand that environmental goals should be consistent with economic health.

 We are committed to using sustainable resources where possible, including:

Plastic Strapping

FROMM Plastic Strapping is manufactured in our production centres using up to 98% recycled polyester bottle material on the finest extrusion lines. The majority of this recycled raw material is produced in FROMM‘s own plastic recycling plant Texplast GmbH in Wolfen.

Stretch Film

Our FROMM Wrapping Machines and Stretch Film are constructed to guarantee pre-stretch film supply is maintained to reduce your stretch film wastage, by up to 50% every year. Our Stretch Film is capable of 250% stretch that represents great value for money converting one metre on the roll to 3.5 metres on the customer pallet.

Void Fill Packaging

The FROMM Void Fill Air Cushions provide businesses with a recycling rate of up to 60%, biodegradable films or paper alternatives that ensure a high load capacity. The patent void fill packaging consists of up to 99 % air – this saves a lot of weight, reduces shipping costs and is environmentally friendly. 

FROMM Bates Dunnage Bags are manufactured from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable once they have been used.

Sustainable Production

We continually work to reduce our carbon footprint throughout all our processes, operations, and facilities. Our innovative technologies, manufacturing processes and industry-leading products are all working toward benefits the environment. Our aim is to limit the effects our products have on the environment. We actively strive, to create and manufacture packaging machines and consumables for a healthier planet.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to put in place eco-friendly practices, and small changes can lead to a great impact on our environment. Let us help your business become more eco-friendly, contact us on 1800 940 356 for more information.

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