How Do You Properly Secure Cargo Items?


When securing cargo items for transit, it is vital to have the correct method in order to maintain load integrity. We have seen a transformation in stretch-wrap technology over the last few years. 

So, how do you properly secure cargo items?


Secure Cargo Items - FROMM Wrapping Solutions

Use the proper amount of film

Did you know that using too much film is as bad as using too little? Films have become stretchier and more puncture resistant overtime, meaning that the right amount of wrap will offer your cargo the protection it needs. Your secured load should be able to withstand 0.8G of stress in the forward direction, and 0.5 G of stress in the side or reverse direction as a minimum. At FROMM, we can assist you with some static tests to confirm that the stretch film applied can withstand these parameters.

Check that you are stretching the film enough

Stretch film needs to be in its working range, this is known as the ‘shock reserve’ to allow it to function correctly. If you are not stretching it enough, the load will not be secured properly. Some films are designed to be stretched to 250 per cent, therefore a one-metre section of the film should become 3.5 meters.

Choose the right film for application

FROMM Australia stocks around 15 different types of film, each designed for clarity, stretch and other specialised requirements. For example, we offer the black film for security, printed film for marketing, and films with a UV stabiliser so that the cargo can be left outside until needed.  

Choose the right film for transit

The type of film needed can vary depending on the transit of the goods. For example, if your pallet will be going on a long journey, it is likely to go through more handling, whereas if it is a shorter trip, it is likely to be handled just once. It is important that the film and wrapping method chosen are ideal for the purpose.

At FROMM Packaging, we work with our clients to make sure that they can secure cargo items cost-effectively and safely. To learn more about our stretch film range click here or call 1800 940 356. 



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