FROMM adds to their Stretch Wrapping Portfolio



Monday 15 March 2021 - FROMM Packaging Australia Pty Ltd (FROMM), a subsidiary of the global company, The FROMM Group, has today announced the signing of an agreement to transfer CHEP Australia’s stretch wrapping portfolio to FROMM, effective 26 March 2021.


CHEP’s stretch wrapping portfolio was originally established to provide stretch wrapping machine rental and pallet wrapping film sales as an additional service for CHEP's pallet customers.


As a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of high-quality strapping and wrapping equipment, including associated consumables, for both the manufacturing and supply chain industries, FROMM Packaging Australia is able to support stretch wrapping customers with greater access to innovation, technical expertise and know-how, in this specialised area.


FROMM Packaging Managing Director, Richard Layton said "This transfer is an important step forward in our continued growth within the Australian packaging market. CHEP’s stretch wrapping customers can feel comfortable in knowing that it will be business as usual.”


FROMM Packaging has been operating globally for over 70 years and is the trusted protective packaging solution manufacturer in Australia.

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