Five Benefits of Using Stretch Wrap


Proper packaging is an essential part of ensuring the integrity of goods or products during transport — without it, businesses will be faced with the costly and disruptive consequences of damaged goods. For especially large volumes of bulky loads, the use of stretch wrap as an effective packaging solution is the standard across many industries.

If your business has major operations in shipping and storage, stretch wrap may be the solution you need to boost your packaging efficiency while reducing costs.

What is stretch wrap?

Stretch wrap is an economical packaging material used to wrap pallets. Stretch wrap is made up of multiple layers of plastic resin that can be stretched up to 250% without tearing. When applied correctly, stretch wrap provides great pallet load containment allowing for goods to be transported safely & securely.

So, what are the five core benefits of using stretch wrap?

Stretch wrap

5 benefits of stretch wrap


1. Increased Product Protection

Wrapping your loads with pallet wrap will protect them from environmental elements, like dirt, dust, and moisture. This keeps your product clean and dry. If you opt for stretch films with UVI, your product load will also be protected from UV rays when stored outdoors.

2. Reduced Product Damage and Increased Load Stability

Stretch wrap is one of the most reliable ways to prevent loads from shifting or toppling during transportation. The elastic recovery of the film holds the load in place, providing consistent support to the stability of the load. Products correctly secured with stretch wrapping are more likely able to withstand stress during transportation, reducing the risk of damaged goods.

3. Improved Shipping and Handling

Stretch pallet wrap combined with an angled board, lets you stack your load higher on pallets, this maximises your cube space when storing or shipping your product. It also allows you to wrap your loads quickly, increasing your working productivity and allowing staff to get more work completed in a day. The flexibility of pallet wrap allows you to stabilise hard-to-stack or odd-shaped loads that are unable to be stacked neatly.

4. Better Inventory Control

By storing similar products together, your inventory can be organised easier and more accurately, reducing the chance of product separation, which can make the inventory counts inefficient and time-consuming. Utilising clear stretch wrap allows you to scan straight through when completing stock take and allows for RFI scanning and visual checks without removing the plastic protection.

5. Recyclable

Did you know that most stretch-wrapping films are 100% recyclable? At FROMM Packaging, our stretch wrap is manufactured to ensure pre-stretch film delivery is maintained to reduce your wastage by up to 40% each year.


Use cases for stretch wrap

Stretch wrap is a versatile solution that can be applied to a wide range of load types and sizes. Due to its superior load containment properties, stretch wrap is predominantly used to unitise palletised goods for transportation. It is also a great way to protect goods from dust, debris and damage during storage. 

At FROMM Packaging, we have built and maintained a reputation as the trusted packaging supplier in Australia. We supply a range of high-quality stretch wrapping products, including clear, black, specialised colours, UV resistant, and thick or thin gauge stretch films. Our range is available in both machine and hand-applied formats. We can help you choose which stretch wrap is best suited for your needs thanks to our expert team. We work with our clients to make sure that they can secure cargo items cost-effectively and safely. To learn more about our stretch film range click here or call 1800 940 356

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