Advantages of Automatic Carton Erectors and Sealers


Are your sales surging so much that your production line just can’t keep up? To keep those profits flowing, opt for a production line upgrade with an automatic case erector and sealer machine. There are common reasons that manufacturers consider investing in an automatic case erector, including:

  • A decrease in the ability to meet demand
  • End-of-line bottlenecks slowing throughput
  • Increased inventory damage as a result of poor packaging
  • Increased maintenance on existing equipment.
  • Staffing

So, how can automatic case erectors and sealers benefit your business?


At FROMM Packaging, our automatic case erectors and sealer machines are fast, efficient, and reliable. The efficiency of these machines will reflect in your profit margins. Workers using a manual case erector is likely to produce two to five cases per minute, however, an automated case erector can produce up to 30 per minute, immediately improving throughput. This also removes human labour from tasks that are more safely done with machinery.


When packages are erected and sealed manually, there are many steps in the process than can be affected by human error. You won’t encounter this issue with automatic carton erectors as you eliminate the human aspect in your packaging processes. The result is consistent, square, stackable packages that are all the same.


Automatic case erectors minimise human interaction with machinery, making the work environment safer. When workers form and seal cases for eight-hour shifts, the repetition can create strain injuries, and in the long run, can reduce productivity, increase time off for treatment and recovery, and decrease satisfaction at work. In manufacturing, any opportunity to decrease the risk of repetitive train injury benefits both the workers’ health and productivity.

Reduce inventory damage

Automatic case erectors form and seal cases with high precision. The accuracy these machines provide ultimately reduce the risk of skewed case corners and missed applications of adhesion. As mentioned, machine-built boxes result in straighter stacks and less opportunity for damage during shipment.

Employee satisfaction

Your employees are likely to have more potential than just putting together a box. Use your employees for innovation, design, and other aspects that require creativity. You will end up with better products, streamlined processes, and a happier workforce.

With labour in short supply, a single person can maintain multiple parts of the process including placing flat packs of cartons to be formed and ready for filling.

If you are searching for fully automated case erector machines that provide efficiency and consistency, consider FROMM Packaging. Our machinery design combines the innovative use of robotics, providing you with a streamlined process. Check out our Fast Product Finder to see what carton erector and sealer machines are suited to your needs or contact FROMM by phone or email to get our expert advice.

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