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Pallet Wrapping Machines

FROMM stocks a range of market leading semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines and pallet wrapping consumables. Whether you need to wrap small or tall pallets, light or heavy loads, odd shapes and sizes we have a model to suit your requirements.

Our entry-level pallet wrappers are reliable and easy alternatives to hand wrapping which help improve load security, and produce productivity benefits by reducing labour and stretch film usage. Ideal for small and mid-size environments where staff are better served doing other tasks that running around in circles wrapping pallets, these models have simple functionality. Employees only need to attach the film to the pallet and press the start button, letting the machine do the rest.

Our mid-size models feature more advanced functionality. These apply the film by pre-stretching it through a series of rollers controlled by gears so as you wrap more pallets you can minimise film usage whilst maintaining load integrity. These models can also have weight scales and simple top sheet applicators included.

Our heaviest machines from our partner Wulftec are engineered for hard work in rugged environments including brick, aluminium, outdoor use and fast paced warehouse and distribution facilities.

The Wulftec range is built to last and factory warranted and is renowned for its ergonomically engineered controls which make it the most operator friendly range in the world.

The FROMM and Wulftec stretch wrapping machines are all made to ISO standards and are built to be safe, reliable and durable.

To find out which pallet wrapper is best for your needs check out our semi automatic pallet wrapper fast product finder

To view our Wrapping Solutions range in a printable format click here.