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Heat Shrink Gas Gun Kits

Code : 99.508

Heat Shrink Gas Gun Kits are the safest, fastest and most reliable Shrink Gas kit available for pallet shrink films and bags. Achieving a cost effective and highly protective method of despatching your goods to ensure that they arrive at their destination in the same condition they left your premises in.

  • LPG heat shrink gun
  • Used to secure palletised cargo
  • Easy to operate
  • Use outside or undercover
  • Use with FROMM shrink bags or film
  • "Shrinks" film to stabilise pallet
  • No specialist training required
  • Safety features including "dead man's handle"
  • No naked flame

Technical Specifications

  • Fuel Propane Vapour (LPG)
  • Fuel Container Industrial gas bottle
  • Ignition Piezo Crystal
  • Gas Pressure 3.5 Bars (50 psi)
  • Heat Variable 32kw (110,000 BTU)
  • Gas Consumption 2kg/hr
  • Weight Aprox. 1kg
  • Hose Length 8 metres
  • Burner Safety Dead man's handle
  • Regulator Excess failure valve

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