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Manual Strapping Tools

Fromm Packaging designs and manufacturers a complete range of manual strapping tools, suitable for Steel, Plastic (PET) and Polypropylene (PP) strapping.

Plastic Strap Hand Tools

The range includes combination strapping tools for plastic strap which allow the operator to tension, seal and cut in a simple operation. These strapping tools usually operate with a specialised metallic strapping seal that has an indented internal pattern to enhance the grip under tension. Available only in 12, 16 and 19mm strap widths as heavier straps require a tension force higher than a manual tool operator could safely apply.

Separate tensioners and sealers are also available. Typically used in warehouse, logistics and small timber yard applications the tension is used to apply the holding force to bring the strap around the product. The seal is then manually placed over the two pieces of strap and then joined by applying the sealer to the strapping seal and forcing it to close.

Steel Strap Hand Tools

A wide range of steel strapping tools are also available reflecting the common use of steel strap in traditional heavy industry. These also include combination tools which will tension, seal and cut in a simple process. The seal is a punch lock which may not be suitable in certain applications. Please check with us to ensure we provide a solution to meet your needs.

There is also a comprehensive range of individual tensioners and sealers for a wide range of applications.

These strapping tools can be used with standard and high tension steel, with the applicators designed to operate from the top or from the left or right sides. They also accommodate for different length and sizes of strapping tools.