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Twin Wrapping Towers for 3PL Distribution Warehouse

Twin Wrapping Towers for 3PL Warehouse
Client: 3PL Distribution Warehouse
Industry: Food & Beverage
Packaging solutions provided: Twin Wrapping Towers
Date of installation: April 2018

Customer Requirement

Our customer is a 3PL Distribution Facility for a major provider of alcohol. They needed a way to double throughput without relying on extra staff to move pallets. 

The stretch wrapping station needed to accommodate a wide range of pallet heights and styles such as fragile loads, mixed loads and tall loads.

FROMM Packaging Solution

During the scope of works our technicians worked closely with the customer to determine their needs to ensure the machine was built to meet their requirements.

The WRTA2C "twin towers" wrapping system allows two pallets to be placed, wrapped and removed at the same time. Regardless of the pallet heights both pallets are wrapped simultaneously in under 50 seconds to boost output, improve staff productivity and maintain excellent load containment, wrapping efficiently  and quickly. This represents more than a 300% time and throughput improvement from the existing system.

Through this solution the customer has been able to dramatically change the packing area, with less forklift traffic minimising the risks of accident or injury. Using the 200% film delivery system pallets are wrapped at a minimal and optimised expense.

The machine has been set with a few simple wrapping recipes and records number of pallets wrapped in the various formats across morning, afternoon or night shifts giving management a snap shot of daily, weekly or monthly productivity levels,

Chris Buhajar Logistics Manager at Bevchain said "this is the way to go for our and our customers businesses in future. Glad somebody invented a system thinking about the needs of the modern distribution facility"

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