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Strap Tension Meter

Accurate, Convenient Plastic Strap Tension Measurement

Digital Strap Tension Meter accurately measures the retained tension of applied plastic strapping. Using the STX-1 Strap Tension Meter, you can check your applied strap tension, every time you strap a product or pallet to ensure your goods are safe to transport. The Digital Strap Tension Meter will take the guesswork out of securing your valuable products, eliminate crushed products and reduce your product return rate.

STX-1 Strap Tension Meter range can be used in the following areas:

  • Palletized cans, bottles, or food products
  • Construction materials, such as timber or bricks
  • Appliance packaging 
  • Corrugated packaging and other paper products
  • Quick, easy operation
  • Lightweight, portable design 
  • Backlit, digital display with colour graphic
  • Selectable units (lb., kg, or daN)
  • Data storage and statistics
  • Full range strap dimensions can be measured 
  • Durable construction, long-lasting construction
  • Includes carrying case and NIST-traceable calibration certificate
  • Quick, easy, one-handed operation
  • Lightweight and portable

Models available in the STX-1 Range

  • STX-250-1 Range: 450gm to 113kg
    Variance: +/- 2%
  • STX-500-1 Range: 11kg to 227kg
    Variance: +/- 2%
  • STX-1000-1 Range: 23kg to 454kg
    Variance: +/- 2%
  • STX-2000-1 Range: 45kg to 908kg
    Variance: +/- 2%

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