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Pallet Layer Pads

Pallet Layer Pads reduce load slippage & product contamination

Placing layer pads between pallet layers stabilises loads and prevents contamination or moisture damage between products. Pallet Layer pads can be used as a top cover in order to provide additional protection when double-stacking pallets.

Pallet layer pads are also widely used in the food & beverage industry to reduce the risk of contaminates / water on the pallet coming into contact with food products.

FROMM can work with you to solve your load stability issues. FROMM Packaging has specialised testing equipment that can simulate the conditions a pallet goes through during transport. The new FROMM Transport Simulator enables FROMM to do in-house testing on load stabilisation and stress on load in transit. We can scientifically, advise you on what stability products are required to protect your products during transport. 

When we resolve your load security issues, we can work with you to increase pallet heights and load capacity to optimise your shipping methods.


  • Remove Risk of Contaminates Touching Products
  • Prevent moisture migration between products
  • Position on top or base of pallet to protect goods
  • 100% Recyclable 
  • Increased load security - protecting your goods
  • Reduces damage to goods during transit - saving you money!

Technical Specifications

  • Base Material Corrugated cardboard
  • Thickness 2.25 mm
  • Standard Size 1155 x 1155 mm

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