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Packaging Solutions for the Construction Industry

The construction industry benefits from a wide variety of packaging tools, machines & automatic packaging systems designed and manufactured by FROMM Packaging Australia. Our world-renowned equipment is expertly designed to unitise and palletise building products such as; bricks, masonry, besser blocks and roof tiles for secure transport.

Our success is based on our vertical integration and the technical expertise and vast experience of our staff gained over our 45 years of trading in Australia and 70 years globally. We have provided end of line packaging solutions for a range of notable companies like Hyne Timber, PGH Group, CSR, Boral and CMC.

FROMM Packaging Australia understands the challenges of transporting construction goods, as most products are either heavy, sharp or easily breakable. We work in partnership with you to understand your manufacture, storage and delivery process and design a packaging solution to meet your requirements.

Our focus is to assist you to get your products to market simply and cost effectively. To this end we have developed the FROMM Advantage in partnership with Sydney University. This unique independent service allows the simulation of the g-forces of an accident, and the testing of packaging materials to this and the manufacturers claimed tolerances.

FROMM Packaging Australia supplies everything from simple, standalone wrapping and strapping machines, to fully automatic wrapping and strapping systems which can be customised to suit your needs. We can install these systems with fencing, compression and safety systems & the final result is an efficient line capable of wrapping up to 120 pallets an hour.

Each application presents a different challenge and technologies such as label applicators, bearer systems, corner protectors are often needed and FROMM Packaging Australia has the complete range of hardware to integrate with the strapping or wrapping system. Combined with manual systems such as hand strapping tools, our diverse product range is designed to meets your needs.

Our solutions include:


We supply a large range of heavy duty, high performance polyester (PET) strap, high tensile zinc coated steel strap & heavy duty wrap which are guaranteed to keep heavy loads safe and secure during transit. To view our strapping solutions click here

Strapping tools

Our range of strapping tools has been manufactured to withstand the harshest environments. From yard work, to daily use, battery or pneumatic powered, FROMM tools offer the most consistent tension, seal joint efficiency and reliable operation in the market and prove to be highly economical over their lifetime. To view our stretch wrapping solutions click here

Strapping machines

FROMM is a global leader in automated strapping systems. Every project delivers our modern technological innovations in a bespoke infrastructure to suit customer requirements.

Strapping, bearer insertion via human or robotics, top, bottom or both, corner protection and multiple compression systems all mean your products can be shipped to their destination with confidence. To view our strapping machine solutions click here

Wrapping Systems

FROMM also supplies world-renowned in-line stretch wrapping systems which include custom solutions designed to maintain load security. Used with our ultra-modern, high puncture resistant stretch film you will achieve unrivalled load security. We also supply UV resistant film for timber packs. To view our wrapping system solutions click here

Bates Cargo Pak

FROMM Packaging Australia is also the exclusive Australian distributor of Bates Cargo Pak, the highest quality dunnage bags. Perfect for transportation of heavy brick pallets, the inflatable airbags drastically reduce movement whilst in transit, resulting in higher load security and reducing damage. To view our dunnage bag solutions click here