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Packaging Tape

FROMM offers a range of different tapes manufactured to close cartons either by hand or with a Carton taping machine.

All our packaging tapes are 48mm wide to ensure enough adhesive to hold the carton closed during transport to its final destination. 

To accommodate environments and different cardboard box manufacturing methods, we offer our range in both hot melt rubber or acrylic adhesives.

Whilst hot melt rubber is the most popular, the acrylic is popular as it meets a price point and if it's closed today, open tomorrow it may well be adequate for the application.

There is also a range of specialty tapes with printed messages such as Fragile, or Top Load. These printed tapes add an extra dimension to the closure of boxes and in some cases are also placed around palletised goods just for warning of important handling concerns.

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To view our Carton Handling Solutions range in a printable format click here.